Your Path to Profitable Growth

Scale with confidence. 

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Your Path to Profitable Growth

Scale with confidence. 

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The team that you deserve...

You need a team that understands how to develop and implement a tailored scaling strategy that works for your business. 

At Aplo we integrate with your business to understand its economics and build out a full-funnel, holistic scaling strategy that allows for sustainable, profitable growth. 

We’re your team that really understands how to scale in the ever-more competitive world of e-commerce, and prioritizes long-term success. 

When it comes to scaling, having a team that works alongside your business and not as a separate entity is crucial.

E-commerce is not what it once was, where competition was slim, margins were great, and extremely high ROAS at scale was achievable.

Nowadays, e-commerce is competitive, acquisition costs continue to rise, attribution is more difficult, and scaling profitably has become more complex.

To scale your brand effectively, you need a team that builds out a holistic scaling strategy from acquisition to retention and prioritizes the health of your business.

❛ I've always hated marketing groups.
Aplo Group changed all of that. ❜

"They have been worth every dollar I have ever spent on them. Aplo Group works with my business for both paid ads and email/SMS marketing. As far as communication they are always prompt and eager to adapt to the changing marketplace.

Their expertise is second to none and so far they have been dead accurate in their projections. I’m excited to have brought them on and we have seen over 20% growth in our monthly revenue."

Colin Murdy, CEO & Founder of Murdy Creative Co.

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Email & SMS 

Your profit drivers. 

As acquisition costs continue to rise, and margins shrink on first-time orders driven through paid ads it’s an absolute must to give email & SMS all the love it deserves. 

  • Extend LTV to drive more profit 
  • Maximize return customer rates 
  • High-converting creative & copy that speaks directly to your customers 
  • A coordinated strategy across email & SMS 
  • Maintain optimal list health for long-term success 

❛ They’re to the point, direct, strategic, methodical, and data-driven 

"Read the numbers look at what they’ve done, they’ve performed for me in a market that 7-10 different agencies failed in and that’s the simple truth"

Shane, CEO & Founder of Vitamin Patch Club

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Paid Ads

Your acquisition mediums. 

Paid ads have evolved. Understanding the complexities, and how these respective platforms target customers is a must to develop the most effective acquisition strategy for your business. 

Media buying is not just managing an ad account, it’s understanding how acquisition results drive the entire business forward by monitoring holistic business metrics and health. 

  • Optimal account structure that separates customers across different tiers to maximize the impact of your ad spend 
  • Conversion-focused approach, because that’s what matters to scale 
  • More effective scaling strategies by including overall business health metrics into our strategy 
  • Continuous testing to optimize your account 
  • Coordination across socials and search 

❛We quickly realized the importance of taking a holistic approach❜

"In an ever-changing digital marketing world, we quickly realized the importance of taking a holistic approach by having one group manage everything from email and SMS to paid ads across various platforms.

The result was a coordinated strategy that focused on the growth and trajectory of our business as a whole and not by focusing too much on the results from a single channel or metric. This allowed us to scale quickly and profitably."

Katie Staples, Founder of Collection Prints

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Business Economics

We’re not your typical agency that solely fulfills the channels they manage without a concept of the most important thing… the economics of your business. 

Why would you work with a team to scale your business, that doesn’t actually understand your business? 

That’s why we put so much effort into understanding metrics like your fixed costs, variable costs, and profit goals. Because these are the foundational metrics that need to be taken into consideration at all times. All strategy that we develop needs to take these metrics into consideration and ensure that what’s being done is sustainable, and most importantly profitable.

Not only do we ensure we have an understanding of this, but we’re also partnered with software to aggregate all of these metrics into one place so we’re all on the same page about profit and overall health.

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