"I've always hated marketing groups. Aplo Group changed all of that"

-Colin Murdy



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Testimonial from Colin Murdy

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Murdy Creative Co.

Started in 2018, Murdy Creative Co. provides the best in leather binders, journals, and folios. They use top-quality materials including full-grain 5-6 oz (2mm thick) oil-tanned cowhide and galvanized steel hardware to ensure their products last for decades.
With their customers in mind, they also offer customization services. Their use of high-powered laser engravers ensures logos, names, and signatures are all etched deep into the covers with pinpoint accuracy. This technique also allows for each engraving to be unique, allowing clients to add custom names to each of the covers.

Where We Come In


Murdy Creative Co has been and continues to be a great success. Working from a full-service perspective managing both paid ads and email & SMS has been foundational in scaling Murdy Creative Co sustainably, while maintaining the desired profitability. 

Founder and CEO Colin Murdy had bad experiences in the past with marketing firms. He found that they could never move the needle, and was unimpressed with their overall work. 

We initially began working solely from an email & SMS perspective. We saw immediate growth and great potential to further grow Murdy Creative Co. We knew that in order to properly scale, working from a full-service perspective was needed. 




Shortly after we came on-board full-service, managing both paid ads and email & SMS. Immediately there were extreme benefits having synchronicity across these channels from a strategy standpoint, and having a proper pulse on the entire customer journey.

Tracking full-funnel ROAS has been a vital part of the growth Murdy Creative Co has seen. By factoring in fixed and variable costs, labour costs, and business-wide revenue we’ve been able to track the true daily performance

Full-funnel ROAS tracking has also allowed us to create a forecastable model to determine the business-wide ROAS needed at different increments of spend to maintain desired profitability. This has been crucial while scaling. 


To date we’ve seen:
  • 50% YOY growth
  • 27% AOV increase
  • 35% increase in overall revenue driven from email & SMS

Email & SMS


When we first came on board Murdy Creative Co was under leveraging email and not using SMS. We knew that email & SMS would be an extremely valuable channel if we could educate the subscribers/customers about the variety of quality products Murdy Creative Co produces. 

Right off the bat, we began by laying down some of the foundational pieces of email & SMS. An abandoned cart sequence, a browse abandonment sequence, and a robust welcome sequence to educate people on the brand and the variety of products made to last a lifetime. 

We saw immediate success, taking Murdy Creative Co from 0% revenue from email & SMS to driving over 24% of overall revenue in 30 days. 




Another foundational sequence we put in place was a well-timed post-purchase pre-delivery sequence cross-selling complementary products to the one(s) that was purchased. We have consistently seen this sequence account for over 10% of email revenue.

Through laying down the foundations to the on-going management and build-outs of email & SMS, Murdy Creative Co has seen a 35% increase in overall revenue driven from email & SMS since we began working together.

Email & SMS will continue to be a vital component of Murdy Creative Co’s marketing strategy. Extending the LTV of customers, and creating a good connection with them will be the proper foundations to continue the growth trajectory they’re on.


Paid Ads


When we first performed an audit of Murdy Creative Co's ad accounts prior to coming on board we immediately identified that the wrong events were being optimized for which was one of the reasons for performance being stagnant. 

Our first step was to diversify audiences and begin identifying those that provided profitable customer acquisition. With the robust automation structure in place and the performance of email & SMS we knew that those channels would be our profit drivers. By identifying and scaling winning audiences that profitably acquired customers, most of our profit is dictated through email & SMS and our LTV focused structure that monetizes those customers over time.





Our full-funnel ROAS tracking was essential to break through the scale wall that Murdy Creative Co was facing. With full-funnel ROAS tracking we were able to map out the business-wide ROAS we needed to achieve at different increments of spend to maintain the required levels of profitability. By doing this, we were able to align our email & SMS strategy to ensure we drove enough revenue through these channels during scale phases to mitigate risk.

This method of scaling has been crucial for Murdy Creative Co, and our holistic strategy.

Through the amazing products that Murdy Creative Co has brought to life and our full-service management, we’re seeing 50% YOY growth.

The Aplo team is excited to continue scaling Murdy Creative throughout 2021 and beyond!

Colin Murdy

Founder & CEO of Murdy Creative Co.


"I always hated marketing firms. I swore I was never going to use one again. Aplo changed all of that. 

They have been worth every dollar I have ever spent on them. Aplo Group works with my business for both paid ads and email/SMS marketing. As far as communication they are always prompt and eager to adapt to the changing marketplace.

Their expertise is second to none and so far they have been dead accurate in their projections. I’m excited to have brought them on and we have seen over 20% growth in our monthly revenue."

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