BFCM Marketing Strategies for Paid Ads

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BFCM Marketing Strategies for Paid Ads


We’re one month away from Q4, and that means BFCM is approaching us! With planning underway for many brands, here are two ways to run your BFCM ad creative. 

Turn off your current ads and substitute your BFCM creatives

This first option is only recommended if you have a high degree of confidence and the data to support this decision. An example of this would be if you’ve run an offer for the past few years during BFCM and it’s performed well for you. In which case it’s a proven offer, and you are confident in its success. In this situation, you can change all the current ads that you are running in your campaigns and slot in the ads for your BFCM offer with the corresponding creative. This may sound like somewhat of a risky move because you’re turning off all of your current ad creatives that are performing well. All of the new ad creatives that you slot in will be completely new variables, therefore, risky for Meta generally speaking. However, if you’ve run these offers in the past, and you’re confident in them, this will yield the best results for you during this short BFCM period.

Run your BFCM offer ads alongside your current ads

The second option is more so if you are not confident in your BFCM offer or have not tested it before. In this situation, we recommend you run your BFCM creatives simultaneously with your current ads. If your BFCM ads do not perform well in comparison to the current ads you have, Meta will allocate your spend to your current ads that are performing well and allocate less to the BFCM ones. The downside to this is that if the BFCM ads are performing well, it may take Meta some time to serve those ads to your audience. This will be problematic if it’s a short-term sale such as BFCM. The ads may not be served to your target audience during the time you intended which is why option one can yield better results (if the BFCM ads perform). 

In summary, not every brand is the same so choose the option that best suits your business and your historical data. Substitute all your current ads with your BFCM offers to maximize your results if you have confidence and historical data to back said offer up. Running your BFCM offer ads alongside your current ads may mitigate your downside risk, but it could also mitigate potential returns on the upside. 

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