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A Health & Wellness Company - The Importance of Email Customization

We are always looking for different ways to engage our audience and deliver them the most relevant content, avoiding sending out something and hoping ‘that it sticks.’ The more we know about our customers and their difficulties, the better we can provide value and increase their overall LTV. 

One of our health care clients came to us and struggled with LTV past the 30-day mark. This company runs on a subscription-only model, and therefore extended use and loyalty is a key factor in this company’s success. 

The first thing we needed to do was find out what the customers were struggling with and what was causing them to not stay or sign-up in the first place. We had a hunch it was due to people not understanding how to use the product and also what product was the one that was for them. Putting together a questionnaire that we then featured on the website, asked customers questions such as ‘do you get enough sleep,’ ‘what are you looking to improve,’ ‘are you on a special diet,’ etc. By simply asking these questions, we could get answers directly from the customer’s mouths and give them the answers they needed. A point system was applied to their questions and answers, and after the completion of the quiz, we sent them an email with their top three product recommendations. Adding in ‘shop now’ buttons beside their top products made the conversions much more accessible and less ‘guesswork.’ Suddenly, we found hundreds of people going through our questionnaire and converting. Our hunch was correct! 

With the information they provided, we were then able to segment our audience based on their top product recommendations, providing information laid out in layman’s terms so that no matter who received the email, they would be able to digest the information. From here, we could direct the content to the right people and suddenly found that revenue jumped by a whopping 30% from December to January. This was only the beginning of our targeted content. Taking into account the person’s age and gender was also highly important. It allowed us to see who our overall audience consisted of and have insight into what ailments that specific group struggled with most. This information helps us better choose the right content and verbiage to use with this group of people. For example, if we had a woman over 40 years old and she struggled with falling asleep, we would be able to send Newsletters to her (and others in similar states) with tips on getting your body tired and ready for bed. By simply doing this, our brand suddenly becomes a plethora of valuable content and increases the likelihood that she will stay with us longer because we understand her. 

By simply engaging with your customers and asking them for information, not only are you increasing your chances of that person converting, but you are learning what content you should be regularly sending out, as well as answering questions that person may have before they even ask them. If customers interact with your brand and fill out a form, they are twice as likely to purchase from you since they have given their time to you and provided you with what they need. 

Try it out! Ask your customers what they need from you and you’ll be amazed at the amount of information you’re provided with that can help you to strategize and grow your overall brand.


Aleisha Learoyd, Senior Email & SMS Marketing Specialist

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