Why We Use Daasity

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Why We Use Daasity

As most of us in the world of e-commerce know, the most profitable channels 9 times out of 10 are email & SMS. Due to this, it is important to maximize these channels by using data-based decisions to structure automations (and campaign strategy) for your customers' post-acquisition/ opting in to your list. It’s one thing to build out your customer journey using assumptions, but this will always be more effective using software to provide concrete data points that can give you a clear picture of what is most effective.

Our go-to software for this analysis is one of our partners, Daasity. For all Shopify clients that we work with full-service (on both ads and email/SMS), we cover the cost of using Daasity. In our opinion, using tools such as Daasity will provide significant ROI if used correctly. A huge benefit of Daasity that is invaluable is its capability to back populate Shopify data, this allows us to pull valuable data with new businesses.

Daasity provides data points that are directly applicable to email/SMS strategy as well as ad creative. Some of the main areas that we currently use Daasity for are understanding LTV by SKU, LTV by specific periods of time (30,60,90,120 days etc), product affinity, and product affinity-based off first order SKU.

These data points will provide you with the main data points necessary to build out your automations to be more effective. Additionally, by understanding LTV by SKU correctly, you can try pushing certain SKU’s on the acquisition vessels (ads, welcome flow, abandoned cart, browse abandonment) to see if they perform well which in theory should end up acquiring more valuable customers. If you use software such as Zipify OCU, you can also apply this data to your up-sells/cross-sells after purchase on-site by diving into product affinity. The main vertical that you can use this data for that typically will see the highest success rate is the post-purchase sequence. Instead of pushing products, you think customers will like with their purchase, you can push products that historically have seen the most affinity.

To sum it up, use tools such as Daasity. You won’t regret it if you apply them to your strategy correctly!


Liam Veregin, Co-founder of Aplo Group

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