An Update on IOS 14.5/6 From a Paid Acquisition Perspective

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An Update on IOS 14.5/6 From a Paid Acquisition Perspective

An update on IOS 14.5/6 from a paid acquisition perspective

  1. Last week IOS 14.6 rolled out which yielded a greater than normal week as it pertains to updating the OS on phones. The consensus seems to be that the adoption of the new OS that limits tracking (14.5/6) is now around 80%. This can likely explain the drop in performance for many ad accounts mid/end of last week.
  2. Apparently, FB/IG is experiencing bugs in certain areas such as the aggregated events manager. It is supposed to report the top-ranked event (purchase) on a 1-day click window since the rollout but it seems like this has not been working properly and has been very inconsistent. FB/IG has rolled out an update this past Wednesday/Thursday that intends to better click attribution. Speculation as well is that the update will yield 7 day click tracking more accurately.
  3. A common strategy right now on accounts that have seen decreased retargeting performance is amalgamating MOF & BOF into one retargeting campaign and pushing an aggressive offer across all. The logic being that BOF audiences are getting partially choked, while MOF audience size is still strong (Video Views, Social Engagers, ETC).
General thoughts:
  1. Most businesses are under-reporting, but some are over-reporting. FB has acknowledged these issues and is working towards solutions, one being the recent update this week.
  2. Some businesses are crushing it this month. We suspect this is due to people being confused about the attribution and lowering spend thus decreasing competition on certain audiences and allowing businesses that realize this to increase spend.
  3. Full funnel ROAS / MER should be the only thing referenced for ad performance unless you use a reporting software or, FB reporting right now is not trustworthy. It would be one thing if we knew “all accounts under report 30%” but it is not consistent.
  4. UTM tracking in GA will help currently with being able to make better spend decisions within the ad account.

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