Email and SMS Marketing Tips of the Week

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Email and SMS Marketing Tips of the Week

Weekly updated tips for your eCommerce business!

What percent of revenue should come from email/SMS?

As an eCommerce business, 20-50% of your overall revenue should come from email/SMS if the proper account structure is in place.

What happens if I don't send emails to my list?

By not sending emails to your list, the chance of future emails being delivered to spam increases. While you don't want to send too many emails to the detriment of your list's health, you want to make sure a strong campaign and automation strategy is in place to ensure deliverability. 

What is a compliant SMS collection strategy at checkout?

To collect SMS compliantly at checkout, you cannot have your customer auto-checked into receiving SMS messages. 

How many CTA's should my email have?

To ensure the best results, your email should only have one CTS. However, we recommend having multiple CTA buttons throughout your email at transitional points.

What email marketing software should I use?

We recommend using Klaviyo as it has the best functionality out there. We use Klaviyo with all of our clients and migrate them over if they aren't already using it. 

What is a healthy unsubscribe rate?

Unsubscribe rates vary depending on how your list was created and your segmentation strategy. If you are segmenting properly and have a healthy list, you should expect to see between a 0.1% and 0.5% unsubscribe rate.

What should my mobile opt-in rate be for email?

As a benchmark, your mobile opt-in rate for email should be anywhere between 8-13%

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