Email Marketing is Far From Dead

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Email Marketing is Far From Dead (iOS 15 Update)

With the coming iOS 15 update, the world of email marketing will see some significant changes. Many of us have recently witnessed the impact of iOS 14.5/6 on attribution across paid social channels, but now we’ll see the next shoe drop as iOS 15 impacts email privacy settings.
While the updates will only affect Apple mail users, this shift in email privacy is expected to produce a massive distortion across the e-commerce industry.
With the proposed updates being rolled out with iOS 15, Apple mail users will now be given the option to:
  • Turn off open tracking
  • Hide their IP addresses
  • Hide their email addresses
When Gmail first introduced the promotional folder, or when GDPR compliance was brought into effect, many were under the impression that email marketing was dead. Today, as we face another pivotal moment in the world of e-commerce and email marketing, once again we hear the same rhetoric throughout: email marketing is dead, and this time it’s for good.
Email marketing is far from dead.
Everyone by now has heard rumors that the world of email marketing is coming to a grinding halt. Words of concern surrounding Apple’s new private relay blocking previously trackable data for reliable segmentation, list health measures, A/B testing, and many other best practices.
So, how can I be ready? There are already a number of proactive measures you can take to prepare for the update this fall:
  1. Determine what % of your current list uses Apple mail.
  2. Take measures to clean your list now while the data is still available to you.
  3. If your main KPI is your open rate, begin determining a new KPI to focus on - hint: get familiar with your CTR and evaluate where you are falling short.
  4. Begin reevaluating your segmentation if driven by open rate; use it while you can, but plan proactively for future KPIs that are important to your list and performance targets.
Like with anything, these changes will only force us to adapt and improve upon what we’ve always known to be important. It will shift our focus towards new metrics that matter most. Force us to adopt new omnichannel strategies (through SMS and push notifications marketing), and guide us towards better coordination with email marketing.
So if you think email is gone for good, hold off on the above. But if you’re preparing for the new era of performance-driven marketing, then we’ll see you there in Q4.

Liam Veregin, Co-founder of Aplo Group

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