Holly Watson, Senior Email & SMS Designer

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Holly Watson, Senior Email & SMS Designer


Holly Watson, Senior Email & SMS Designer

What are some tips you can give to effectively design emails?

One tip that I have when it comes to email design is to simplify your emails. I once saw a graphic that showed a remote with 100 buttons and a remote with 4 buttons.

Humans will always gravitate towards the one with 4 buttons because it is the easiest layout with [the least amount of] options. 

The way we can do this in email design is by focusing on one product and one product story or a very few products so that we’re giving the customer an idea to work with so that they are more likely to take the next step now to go to the information source to figure more out about this product and if it’s something that they would like to include into their lifestyle.

What is your creative process when designing an email?

My creative process can be narrowed down to 3 steps.

Step 1: creating a theme or a concept to base the email around. 

Step 2: using copy to create a story that fits in with the product so that your audience can visualize themselves using the product or service that you’re featuring. 

Step 3: matching the visual aesthetic to what resonates with your demographic. 


Holly Watson, Senior Email & SMS Designer

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