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Orbit is a new addition to what Aplo Group offers. Our goal with Orbit is to provide e-commerce founders and marketers that are in the early stages of running or scaling an e-commerce business with the expertise and guidance of a marketing firm, without the large cost.

As a startup, the cost of advertising can be intimidating. Throw in fees to bring on an outside marketing firm on top of that and you’re suddenly in a position where you need to generate significant revenue to cover your costs.

This is often not the time to bring on an external team such as us at Aplo. While we would help tremendously, your money at this stage is better spent testing and proving the concept of your store to get it off the ground before bringing a team like us on.

We believe there's a better way to tackle the initial phases of running an e-commerce brand if you don’t mind taking on the required workload.

That’s why we created Orbit. A private community for DTC e-commerce founders and marketers looking to scale their business.

With a subscription to Orbit, you get access to media buyers & email/SMS specialists at your fingertips in our private Slack community. You’ll be able to ask questions related to ads or email/SMS and get answers and guidance that you can trust.

You’ll also get access to:

  • Live webinars on various ecom topics and best practices
  • Live Q&A’s
  • 5 hours of ads and email/SMS training content (constantly updated)
  • Our private Slack community

Check out more about Orbit here:

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