iOS 14.5 Attribution Update

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iOS 14.5 Attribution Update


Aplo Group Co-Founder, Dylan Byers, on attribution models and how to approach iOS 14.5/6 in the world of paid ads.

  1. Attribution is an imperfect game pre IOS14.5 and post
  2. Attribution models are the way to get the closest thing to real performance
  Main attribution types to understand: 
  1. First click: 100% attribution to 1st click
  2. Modelled impact: x% weighted attribution between multiple clicks
  3. Full impact: 100% attribution to the channel you are analyzing
  4. Last click: 100% attribution to the last click before purchase
  **View attribution is dead:
  • “No set”
  • Search/Shopping
  If you are getting technical: 
1. Facebook/Social ads should use first click or full impact attribution
  • Nothing gets into the funnel without paid traffic
    • X% enter email list
    • X% enter SMS list
    • X% refer

2. Email & Text should use the last click

  • These channels are directly correlated with ad spend, this is why people set the KPI for these channels as % of overall revenue
  • Channels are the main driver of returning customers
3. Google depending on campaign type can debate which attribution type to use
Long story short: As long as holistic business KPI’s (rev, profit, customer acquisition etc) remain healthy, keep spending more.
Watch the full video for more information! 
Dylan Byers, Co-founder of Aplo Group

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