Is iOS 15 affecting every Apple user?

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Is iOS 15 affecting every Apple user?

With the upcoming iOS 15 update set to hit Apple users come Q4, it is increasingly important to understand the scope of who will be affected by this update. 

To quickly summarize, the iOS 15 update is going to be affecting email marketing by allowing Apple mail users to toggle off the tracking of some metrics that have long been the North Star for many email marketers such as open and click rate. Additionally, it will allow individuals to turn off IP tracking (limiting geographical segmentation without workarounds) as well as hiding their email addresses. 

Many people are confused with who exactly will be affected by this update. The short answer from a marketer's perspective is everyone, which I’ll get to in the next paragraph. However, the reality is that only those using the Apple Mail app will be able to toggle off tracking etc. If an individual uses Gmail but uses it through the Apple mail app then that person will have the option to utilize what iOS 15 provides from a privacy standpoint. Those that use Gmail or similar mail apps directly on Apple devices will not be affected.

The reason that in the eyes of marketers this will affect everyone is due to the nature of how this will skew data. Yes, it’s true that only those using the Apple Mail app will be untrackable if they choose. Regardless of this, data across the board will be off given the fact that part of the list will not be accounted for (Hint: determine which percentage of your list uses Apple Mail prior to the rollout of iOS 15) which will through a curveball in the rest of the data.

We will be releasing updates and additional info on iOS 15 as we determine the best ways to move forward. 


Liam Veregin, Co-founder of Aplo Group

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