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Lily Cowper, Email & SMS Designer


Lily Cowper, Email & SMS Designer

How did you get into graphic design?

When I first started I actually wanted to be a writer and a journalist and work for a newspaper. Because I had experience in Photoshop, I actually applied for a newspaper internship as a graphic designer hoping that I’d get to write, and I did get to write, and I got to photograph and design. 

I loved writing because I got to meet a lot of different types of people that I would have never met. That still helps me today because now I can design for a much broader audience. I just fell in love with the design aspect and I wanted to continue working in that. Why I love this job [at Aplo Group] is because I get to do graphic design and write at the same time. 

How do you create an engaging email?

For an engaging email, the designer is taking over from when the reader has already opened the email to whenever they exit. So it’s not that much time to get it in so you really want to keep it simple. Your job is basically to make sure that they read your message and get them onto your site or get them to do whatever you want them to do. 

If your brand has great images, then stick to the images because it’s more eye-catching. Have pictures of people. That’s the best thing that you can get: the human face. People are naturally drawn to look at that. Then stick your header in there because then their eye goes straight from the face, to the header, to the CTA and they’re out of there. As for the headers and things, keep it short, keep it quippy. Make it a nice email to come across. 

What is your creative process?

So for my creative process, image-wise, it's pretty easy. You just pick a really nice image to feature. Keep your layout really minimalistic and clean as much as you can. Copy-wise, I would say probably the best thing to do is envision your customer base, embody your customer base. Think about them in their space, in their element, what are they thinking? what are they doing? 

So for example, if your customer base is chefs, think about chefs in the kitchen: yelling at each other, their banter, what are they saying? Once you really get in that flow of things, that's where your best copy is going to come out. All of my best-performing emails always have some funny copy in them, some big bold funny headers, or not necessarily funny but intriguing [headers] that will make people want to read.


Lily Cowper, Email & SMS Designer

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