Ways to Grow an eCommerce Brand’s Email List

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What are your favourite ways to grow an eCommerce brand’s email list?

It all begins with a well-placed pop-up. 
While there are a number of ways to grow your brand’s email list, the success of your email acquisition strategy is largely revealed through your on-site email capture and your commitment to constant A/B testing. 

As a benchmark, your mobile opt-in rate for email should be anywhere between 8-13%. 

Start with an incentive to join that is valuable to the customer without unnecessarily hurting margins or devaluing your product or brand.

Focus on the customer experience. Who will be viewing our pop-up? What quality of sign-ups are we optimizing for? Where is the largest volume of inbound traffic coming from? Once these are known, proceed to A/B testing.

Test load delays: Instant load, 5-second delay, and 20-second delay. Monitor the opt-in rate as a percentage of total impressions to isolate the winning variable. 

Test page-load triggers: compare 1st-page load versus 2nd-page load on mobile and desktop. Compare the relationship between the quality of the lead, opt-in rate, and volume of total leads captured as a function of the impression rate - for example, the second-page load pop-up may see fewer opt-ins of potentially more qualified traffic. 

Test by source: compare different sources of traffic with different sign-up rules. 

Test creative: test styles, button colors, and CTAs one-by-one to identify winning attributes. 

Begin with A/B testing your targeting rules as this will dictate who is shown your pop-up and when. Most importantly, keep it simple and remember that volume and consistency are key to producing statistically significant results. Follow the numbers and start scaling your highest-profit channels today!



Jacob Paduch, Co-Founder of Aplo Group

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