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Scaling Ad Spend 944%

Sharing how we approached scaling Follow Your Legend, leading to increasing ad spend by 944% and revenue by 982% in two months. Our approach in optimizing email, SMS, and paid ads led to significant improvements in customer acquisition and profitability.

Growth Marketing

Follow Your Legend

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6-Figures in Ad Spend Per Day

Showcasing the contribution our strategy had to Troll Co.’s 80% YOY growth during BFCM. Outlining how our strategies across email, SMS, and paid advertising campaigns significantly increased revenue and enabled scaling of their daily ad spend to six figures.

Growth Marketing

Troll Co. Clothing

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124% Growth in New Customer Revenue

Sharing how we drove 124% YOY growth in new customer revenue in Q4 of 2023. We detail what steps we took to allow for a 128% increase in spend while maintaining efficiency metrics. Additionally, walking through initial changes on the email and SMS side that had a positive impact.

Growth Marketing


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300% Monthly Revenue Growth

Discussing Vitamin Patch Club’s 300% monthly revenue growth, our strategy involved optimizing their email, SMS, and paid ads. This led to a 440% increase in monthly email revenue and tripled their active subscribers.

Growth Marketing

Vitamin Patch Club

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Growing Profitably

Highlighting our impact in achieving Murdy Creative Co.’s 80% YOY growth. Outlining the approach we took on email, SMS, and paid ads to drive a 27% increase in AOV and scale their business.

Growth Marketing

Murdy Creative Co

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55% YoY Growth

Highlighting our role in Iced Tea Aesthetics’ journey to a 55% YOY growth, detailing the sustainable scaling implemented through a full-funnel growth strategy, integrating humor and segmentation in email and SMS campaigns, and adapting to Facebook advertising post-iOS14.5 update.

Growth Marketing

Iced Tea Aesthetics

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112% Growth in the First 2 Months

Showcasing the strategies we deployed for Collection Prints’ to achieve 112% growth in the first two months. Highlighting the effective full-funnel marketing strategy, aggressive paid acquisition, and targeted email/SMS campaigns that culminated in a substantial revenue increase, and a 249% increase in November email revenue.

Growth Marketing

Collection Prints


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An image with the logo for Vendry

Vendry is a platform that assists businesses with the process of finding an agency that fits their needs. We dive into what this platform is, and how it can be used to find a partner.

February 1, 2023

An infographic with Klaviyo's logo.
MarketingA Guide to Klaviyo Smart Sending

Discover what Klaviyo Smart Sending is, and how you can leverage it within your email marketing strategy. Additionally, this blog outlines how to set it up within your Klaviyo account.

January 22, 2024

An infographic showing a google partner logo.
MarketingOptimize Your Growth: Google Shopping Audit Guide

Dive into our comprehensive guide on conducting a Google Shopping Audit. Discover strategies to optimize your campaigns, enhance product visibility, and achieve drive growth for your brand.

January 18, 2024

An infographic showing Shopify Plus.
Marketing The Benefits of Shopify Plus

Learn about Shopify Plus and its advantages over a standard Shopify plans. This article reveals how Shopify Plus aids businesses with advanced customization, dedicated support, and scalable solutions in comparison to the standard Shopify plan.

November 14, 2023

An infographic showing Tapcart Custom Blocks.
MarketingA Guide to Tapcart Custom Blocks

This blog dives into the custom block functionality of Tapcart. It explores the integration of custom blocks and how you can leverage them for your app strategy.

January 1, 2024

An infographic showing MMS Icon.
The BasicsMMS Marketing

Explore the differences between MMS and SMS, best practices, and methods to determine if sending MMS messages are financially worthwhile in comparison to SMS.

November 21, 2023

An infographic showing Email Deliverability
MarketingNavigating Email Deliverability

Learn about factors affecting email deliverability and best practices to ensure your messages reach the inbox, boosting engagement and sales. Additionally, discover how an email deliverability consultant can put you on a path to improving deliverability.

September 13, 2023

An infographic showing E-commerce Reviews.
MarketingE-Commerce Reviews Solutions

Understanding and implementing a review management strategy can significantly boost your store's credibility, SEO, and conversion rates. This blog offers an overview of some of the leading review platforms: Yotpo,, Loox, Trustpilot,, Sendlane, and Klaviyo. 

August 2, 2023

An infographic showing a subscription icon for ecommerce.
MarketingE-Commerce Subscription Apps

Explore the value subscription apps can bring to your e-commerce business. This guide covers the benefits and top platforms like Recharge, Bold Subscriptions, and ChargeBee, offering insights on enhancing customer retention and securing a steady revenue stream.

November 23, 2023

An infographic showing Klaviyos Alternatives.
MarketingBeyond Klaviyo: Navigating the Alternatives for Your Email Marketing

In the quest for the optimal email marketing platform, Klaviyo stands out as a leading choice for many businesses. However, the landscape has alternatives if you are looking to assess options. In this blog, we dive into the main competitors of Klaviyo—Attentive, Sendlane, Omnisend, and Mailchimp—highlighting their differences and similarities to help you make an informed choice.

May 16, 2023

An infographic showing examples of the use of color in email marketing.
MarketingThe Impact of Color and Design in Email Marketing

There is often discussion around the pros and cons of using text-based creatives as opposed to leveraging color and design in email marketing. This blog aims to navigate you through the benefits and drawbacks of each, providing actionable tips to improve your email marketing as a whole. 

April 11, 2023

An infographic showing examples of Email Marketing Designs.
MarketingEmail Design Examples: Best Practices For DTC E-commerce

The significance of email marketing cannot be overstated for DTC e-commerce businesses. An effectively designed email serves as more than just a communication tool; it drives revenue, and converts new customers driven in from paid acquisition reducing your full-funnel cost per acquisition and making marketing spend more efficient. Mastering how to effectively design emails to achieve this is important. This article explores various best practices in email marketing design, aiming to give you more tools to bring to your business. 

May 11, 2023

An infographic showing products in a ecommerce.
Product Feeds Explained

Dive into our comprehensive guide on product feeds to understand their critical role in e-commerce success. Learn what product feeds are, their benefits, and best practices for optimizing your online presence and sales growth.

October 10, 2023

An infographic showing a SMS.
SMS Aggregators Explained

Understand the role SMS aggregators play in your SMS marketing. Learn how they work, their benefits, and best practices for businesses aiming to enhance their text messaging campaigns and connect with audiences effectively.

February 1, 2024

An infographic showing Klaviyos Platforms Alternatives.
Choosing the Right Email Tool: Klaviyo and Beyond

Explore the best Klaviyo alternatives for your e-commerce email marketing needs. Dive into our analysis of Attentive, Sendlane, Omnisend, and Mailchimp, uncovering key features, differences, and how to choose the right platform for your business's unique strategy.

November 21, 2023

An infographic showing ads across all Google platforms.
MarketingA Guide to Performance Max Campaigns

Explore the essentials of Google Ads' Performance Max with our guide. Uncover the benefits, key features, and practical tips for launching, optimizing, and measuring the success of your campaigns to elevate your digital advertising strategy.

October 19, 2023

An infographic with an example of a Exit-Intent Pop-Up
Leveraging Exit-Intent Pop-Ups

Learn how to use exit-intent pop-ups as a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business. Learn how they work, their effectiveness on mobile, and best practices for creating pop-ups that convert.

September 19, 2023

An infographic summarizing the topic of contribution margin
The BasicsMastering Profitability: Understanding Contribution Margin

Understand the essential financial metric of contribution margin, a key indicator of business profitability. This blog breaks down its importance, calculation, and strategic applications for beginners to advanced users, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business's success.

February 9, 2024

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