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Jacob Paduch, co-founder of Aplo Group and Head of Email Marketing Strategy.

Jacob Paduch


As Head of Email Marketing Strategy at Aplo Group, I oversee the implementation, development, and execution of comprehensive growth strategies for a wide range DTC brands across multiple channels.

My primary responsibilities include client marketing strategy, creative fulfillment, client onboarding and relationships, integration, team management and training, recruitment, data management, and finance.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide range of 6-8 figure e-commerce brands to improve their customer retention (LTV) metrics, track omnichannel performance, and scale growth and revenue through high-profit sales channels.

In my spare time, I enjoy music, photography, swimming, and cycling.

An image Liam, a team member.

Liam Veregin


Through trial and error with previous ventures, I have come to thoroughly enjoy the process and challenge of growing businesses.

Working with over 80 e-commerce businesses at Aplo ranging from 6-9 figures in revenue has allowed me to identify the mix of business acumen, sound business economics, product-market fit, financial planning, and a tailored growth strategy needed to succeed in the e-commerce landscape.

At Aplo, my main focus involves identifying, auditing, and bringing on-board businesses that we can assist in scaling. Along with team recruitment, partnership management, and general operations.

With e-commerce still young as an industry, the road ahead is fascinating to me, and I continuously look forward to the positive impact Aplo will drive for our client's businesses.

Outside of Aplo, I enjoy sports and all things outdoors such as hiking and camping!

An image of Dylan Byers, Aplo Group Co-Founder and Head of Media Buying Strategy.

Dylan Byers


I have worked with dozens of e-commerce brands ranging from 6 to 9 figures in revenue with a background in consulting, media buying, and email/sms strategy. I enjoy the day-to-day challenge of trying to unlock growth opportunities for our clients.

At Aplo Group, my main role is working with our growth team to help our clients plot out a scaling strategy based on their unique revenue and profit targets. Collaborating daily with our media buying, email/sms, and financial modeling and forecasting team.

In my free time, I like to escape Canadian winters!

Bernardo Caixeta, Head of Sales and Business Development at Aplo Group.

Bernardo Caixeta


As Head of Business Development at Aplo Group, helping eCommerce businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth brings me true excitement. I look forward to connecting your business to Aplo Group.

Previous experiences include running an ESL school and financial roles in the automotive industry.

In my spare time, I enjoy soccer and spending time with my wife and dog.

Austin Yip, an account director for the Aplo Group Full Service team.

austin yip

account director

I began my career in e-commerce and online marketing while studying at the University of British Columbia in 2016.

My personal experience in building e-commerce projects and working with local clients has led me to help numerous businesses across a wide variety of industries drive sales and leads online.

With more than 5 years of industry experience, I specialize in generating business insights and finding solutions to scale e-commerce businesses effectively. Aside from technical skill and experience, I take great pride in listening to each client's individual needs and tailoring my service to help clients achieve their business goals. My motivation comes from the desire to ensure my clients get the best advice and expertise to help them succeed.

Alexina Paiement, a member of the Aplo Graphic Design team.

Alexina Paiement

Graphic Designer/Copywriter

I have experience in all kinds of marketing areas: graphic and web design mostly (including email design), but also copywriting, translation (I’m bilingual: French/English), social media management and team coordination throughout it all.

I spent 2 years teaching ESL in South Korea, too. I'm a bit all over the place! In my free time I like to read, write, play video games, or sing karaoke.

Jennifer Marie Lucu, a member of the Aplo Group Graphic Design team.

Jennifer Marie Lucu

Graphic Designer/Copywriter

I am a graphic designer at Aplo Group, currently based in Montreal, Quebec. With an academic background in Graphic Design and Studio Arts, I have worked in various industries.

From designing women’s activewear for Climawear and assisting in their involvement in Season 3 of Lifetime’s Mission Makeover™ to creating seminar material for UN Cape Verde, my passion for the arts is clear. Whatever the industry may be, I love to come up with creative solutions and ways to convey the customer’s vision and message.

In 2018, I published my first illustrated book and continued illustrating and painting in my spare time. Growing up in a multilingual environment, I am trilingual; speaking English, French, and Spanish. I get my inspiration from different cultures and artists.

When I'm not on my computer or studio, I love cooking, binging on Netflix, spending time with my family, and going on small excursions. I am also a certified prenatal/postnatal yoga instructor.

Erin Graham, a member of the Aplo Group Graphic Design team.

Erin Graham

Graphic Designer/Copywriter

When I was in high school I fell in love with art and design. From that point on I decided to make a career out of it and study design in school.

Upon graduation, I have had the opportunity to work in both private and public sector design jobs which allowed me to expand my skill set and explore working with a variety of clients.

My design style has always been minimalistic yet strong, and I think that good design speaks to the viewer without words and evokes a feeling.

In my spare time, you can find me sipping tea at a cute little café or doing yoga.

Zac Ell, a member of the Aplo Group Media Buying team.

Zac ell

media buyer

With 7+ years of digital marketing experience and diverse background in business both offline and online, I bring a results-driven approach with an analytical focus to drive better ROI for our clients as a Media Buyer.

Solving the equation of scaling profitably for e-commerce businesses is something I have found an immense passion for due to the combination of variables (economics, psychology, & analytics to iterate) and I pride myself on treating our client’s businesses like my own.

Working alongside the rest of our amazing team to support and provide the industry insights & advice needed to go above and beyond in helping our clients reach and exceed their business goals!

Outside of work, you will find me outdoors, either on foot or on a mountain bike, relaxing with family and friends, or expanding my knowledge through my endless passion for personal development.

I am lucky to call Vancouver, BC my home, and I frequently make use of the unlimited adventures on tap.

Murilo Ederson, a member of the Aplo Group Business Development team.

Murilo Ederson

Business Development

I have a degree in business management and natural therapies, with a post-graduation in Acupuncture. But my passion for entrepreneurship and business is greater than my zen side! 

My experience stems from previous management roles and as a partner in past business ventures. Today at Aplo I am motivated to help businesses along their growth journey.

Proud father of the little Benício!

Stephanie Adams, a member of the Aplo Group Graphic Design team.

Stephanie Adams

Graphic Designer/Copywriter

My name is Stephanie and I am a Graphic Designer from Perth, Western Australia, but have called Canada home since 2016.

I have been in the design industry since 2007 and a huge aspect of my design regime is focusing on typography and intricate composition.

My design philosophy is to create with passion and to create with purpose. I find beauty in simplicity, and behind every design should be a story.

When I am not buried behind my laptop, I am usually discovering new hiking trails, finding my next remote Ontario Airbnb to stay in, re-watching Twin Peaks, Gossip Girl or Seinfeld or eating sushi... or froyo... or pizza... let's just say eating.

Michelle Li, a member of the Aplo Email & SMS Marketing team.

Michelle Li

Email & SMS Marketing Specialist

I started my journey in the digital marketing space as a visual and brand designer for a small business. I was exposed to a multitude of different strategies and platforms to help grow a company’s reach and communicate its purpose, along with the struggles that come along with running small businesses.

This led to the discovery of my passion for company efficiency, clarity, and ultimately, the undeniable value email and SMS marketing can hold for a company’s growth.

At Aplo Group, I aim to maximize the value that well-strategized email and SMS marketing that accurately communicates a company’s drive, purpose, and values, can bring to my clients’ growth.

When I am not working, you can find me discovering new breweries and cafes, training in Muay Thai early in the morning, taking a walk by the water with my dog, or living the typical lifestyle of a dog and cat mom.

Adriedson Lima, a member of the Aplo Group Business Development team.

Adriedson Lima

Business Development

I'm a Brazilian engineering who has done a little bit of everything. I worked as a technician and with maintenance planning in the industry. I am passionate about the financial market and business development. I am an enthusiastic and outgoing person. I like to learn new things.

I'm ambitious and I need to feel that my work is useful and somehow impacts people and companies. That's why I always accept new challenges and problems to solve. I'm here to help Aplo grow every day.

Japanese food lover and responsible for a good part of the profits of the breweries in my free time.

Anik Patni, a member of the Aplo Group Email & SMS Marketing team.

Anik Patni

Email & SMS Marketing Specialist

Hello! My experience in email and digital marketing has given me a proven track record of managing large scale email campaigns, implementing marketing automation strategies, and developing successful content outreach campaigns.

I love helping e-commerce brands build long lasting relationships with their audience. The mix of new and old fascinates me and I’m always open to learning from people I interact with.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching a game of cricket, love exploring the outdoors, and watching movies, web series, and documentaries.

Jamie Cunningham, a member of the Aplo Group Media Buying team.

Jamie Cunningham

Media Buyer

As a media buyer here at Aplo Group, I focus on driving real incremental results through media buying expertise, paired with well-planned strategy and creative messaging that resonates with the right audiences.

I always keep in mind that behind every data point is a person. I am passionate about bringing in psychology alongside my analytical skills to find the best way of achieving and exceeding clients’ paid media goals across multiple channels and platforms.

I have worked at several digital marketing agencies in Vancouver, working with clients ranging from small business owners to multimillion-dollar giants. Now I am very excited to be working with the hugely talented team at Aplo and continuing to learn, grow and improve every day!

In my spare time, I love staying active – whether it’s training in Muay Thai or BJJ. When the Vancouver weather lets me, I also try to get outdoors as much as possible.

A picture of Kaity

Kaity D'Agostino

Creative Strategist

I’ve been working in creative advertising & marketing for the past 9 years, primarily focusing on CPG and OTC products. I’ve developed creative for some of the world’s leading brands, working with companies such as Procter & Gamble, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Colgate, and more. I absolutely geek out on data and am motivated by the opportunity to find authentic and effective ways to connect brands with the right consumers.

What does your brand need to say? Who do you need to target? How can you reach the right audience? These are all questions that I’m here to answer, helping to inform a custom creative strategy that will increase your online sales.

When I’m not helping brands grow, you can find me doing pretty much any outdoor activity, cooking an elaborate four-course meal, or binging TikTok.

A picture of Megan

Megan Lazaro

Email & SMS Marketing Specialist

Megan honed her experience in Email and SMS marketing in 2021, working with a diverse range of clients from established multi-million dollar brands to those venturing into digital marketing for the first time.

In her approach to building and maintaining email lists, she understands the importance of both nurturing existing subscribers and continually replenishing the list with fresh leads. She employs a multi-faceted strategy that encompasses various content pillars, including sales promotions, educational resources, and entertaining content, to engage and retain audience interest effectively.

Recognizing the pivotal role of email and SMS marketing in shaping the online shopping experience, Megan is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the dynamic digital landscape. 

Outside of work, Megan finds joy in immersing herself in the realms of fantasy novels, capturing moments through portrait photography, and finding balance through hot yoga.

A picture of Megan

Sydney Braddock

Email & SMS Marketing Specialist

While studying marketing Sydney was drawn to the digital landscape, captivated by its rapid advancement and constantly evolving standards and practices. During her career in the industry she has helped develop businesses through email/SMS marketing, as well as social media management.

Trilingual and tricultural, Sydney considers her specialty to be communication -an asset when it comes to interpreting what each of her clients envision for their business and transforming these visions into comprehensive and cohesive strategies and branding that resonates with their audience.

A lover of the ocean, Sydney has lived on both Canada’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts and is currently based in Barbados. When she isn’t focused on professional development to remain on the cutting edge of her industry, Sydney can often be found surfing, exploring her new home in the Caribbean, and spending time with her wife and their rescue Saint Bernard, Aslan.

The team you need to scale your e-commerce business.

Hire internally, or outsource? That is the question.

Aplo Group is an e-commerce growth firm specializing in scaling direct to consumer brands. 

We focus on driving positive business wide outcomes by bringing a holistic approach to scaling. Merging financial modeling/forecasting with marketing expertise to develop and implement a sustainable and profitable e-commerce growth strategy. 

Through this combination we are able to work alongside you as a growth partner for your business and minimize the chances of financial, inventory, and profit related issues impacting your growth. 

Our experience spans start-ups to businesses exceeding $75 million, and managing ad spend for brands of over $180,000+ per day.

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