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Acquisition Costs Are Rising...

If your e-commerce business is looking to grow sustainably, profitability depends on maximizing key metrics such as lifetime value and return customer rate. 

Email & SMS marketing channels are integral for driving higher margin sales but all too often businesses view them as an afterthought in their strategy - leaving profit behind in the process. 

That's where Aplo comes in; providing you with full-stack support to guarantee that your email and SMS strategies are at peak performance, maximizing both metrics for more profit to scale effectively.

leverage owned channels for profitable growth

To scale sustainably and profitably you need to maximize two very important metrics. Your LTV, and return customer rate to drive higher-margin sales for your business.

That’s where email & SMS marketing comes in, foundational channels for all e-commerce businesses.

Most businesses neglect email & SMS as main channels and treat them as an afterthought. Leaving money, and more importantly, profit on the table.

Aplo is your full-stack, end-to-end team of experts to ensure you’ve got the most effective email & SMS marketing possible.

❛Aplo Group's knowledge of the SMS marketing space is second to none.

As a DTC e-commerce growth agency, they're consistently on top of best practices in a rapidly evolving industry and implementing winning compliant strategies to grow their brands’ SMS presence. Aplo Group is a great option and great partner to maximize your SMS program."

Lori Hunter, Director of Agency Strategy at Attentive Mobile

❛There are very few agencies that we would trust with our email marketing.

After over a year of working together, we’re happy to say that Aplo Group is the one. With their help, we’ve been able to triple our revenue from email, grow our subscriber list by over 500%, and create high-value experiences and campaigns to reach our customers."

Javier Barragan, COO at Well Before

❛Aplo Group have proven to be a wealth of knowledge in the email & SMS marketing industry.

They have elevated our Facebook ads campaigns beyond anything we could have imagined."

Lauren Wenstrup, E-Commerce Director at Gage Diamonds

❛Aplo Group did a great job growing Crocodile Wear’s online presence.

They were able to meet and exceed our E-mail & SMS marketing KPIs over the past 6 months."

Luqman Ifrene, CMO of Crocodile Wear

email & SmS faqs

How many emails do you make per month?

Our average output is 20 emails per month! We’ll determine the highest leverage way to use this capacity between building flows and campaigns.

Do you manage everything?

Yes! We manage everything involved from list collection, strategy, design, copywriting, implementation and reporting.

What are the benefits of a robust email & SMS marketing program?

With a proper email & SMS marketing program you’ll increase your LTV and return customer rate, generating higher margin sales for your business.

Should I use SMS?

Yes! SMS on average can account for 10-15% of your overall revenue.
If you don’t use SMS currently we’ll help you get started!

Is Aplo the right fit for my business?

As a Klaviyo partner, we’re a team of experts that will bring immense value to the table. However, it all starts with a free audit of your accounts to determine how we can assist you. Book a call with us to get this process started!

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