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Meta Ad Formats

Meta Ad Formats: Enhance Your Meta Ad Account


As an e-commerce business marketing on paid social channels, Meta remains a powerhouse, offering an array of ad formats that cater to diverse marketing objectives. For businesses looking to harness the full potential of their advertising campaigns, a deep dive into these formats is not just beneficial – it's essential to maximize your returns and scalability of your account. 

It’s important to ensure that you are running ads in all the various formats Meta offers. This allows Meta to place your ads optimally, and leads to a higher chance of driving more conversions given there are more options available (location and format) to serve your advertisements to potential customers. 

This blog explores the different Meta ad formats and the two ad creative systems, providing insights that are crucial for any marketer aiming to scale their paid acquisition. 

Understanding Meta Ad Formats

Meta ad formats are more than just choices; they're tools that can shape the trajectory of your marketing campaigns, and the efficiency of your acquisition overall. Here's a breakdown of the various ad formats: 

Carousel Ads: 

Carousel Ads allow advertisers to showcase up to ten images or videos in a single ad, each with its own link. Carousel ads are highly interactive, encouraging users to swipe through the carousel. They're especially useful for e-commerce brands wanting to display a variety of products, or for businesses aiming to convey a more complex message that unfolds across multiple cards.

Single Image (Static Image) or Video Ads: 

This format is straightforward yet versatile, allowing for a single image or video to deliver your message. 

Collection Ads: 

Designed with mobile users in mind, Collection Ads offer a seamless browsing and shopping experience directly from the ad. When clicked, these ads open a full-screen Instant Experience that showcases multiple products. 

Instant Experience Ads: 

Formerly known as Canvas, Instant Experience ads are immersive, full-screen ads designed for mobile devices. They load quickly and are highly interactive, combining images, videos, carousels, and tilt-to-pan views. This format is ideal for brands looking to offer a rich and engaging user experience. It's particularly effective for storytelling,, and showcasing products in a captivating way. This is a less common format for most e-commerce brands. 

Slideshow Ads: 

Slideshow ads are a simple yet effective way to use motion, sound, and text to create an engaging experience. They're particularly useful for businesses with limited resources, as they can be created with just a few images, or even from existing video content. Slideshow ads are less data-intensive than video ads, making them a good choice for reaching audiences with slower internet connections (something to consider depending on where you are marketing). 

The 2 Ad Creative Systems: Key to Effective Campaigns

Understanding Meta 's two ad creative systems – Automated and Manual – is crucial for any marketer:

Automated Creative System: 

This system leverages Meta 's advanced machine learning algorithms to create and test a variety of ad creatives automatically. It's designed to analyze vast amounts of data to determine which combinations of images, videos, and texts resonate most effectively with your target audience. This is leveraged in Meta Advantage + Shopping Campaigns (ASC)


  • Efficiency in A/B Testing: Automatically tests different variations of your ad, saving time and resources in manual testing.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Harnesses the power of Meta 's extensive data to optimize ad performance.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization: Adjusts ad elements in real-time based on user engagement and performance metrics, ensuring that the most effective version of your ad is being presented to your audience.
  • Scaling Campaigns: As your ad campaigns grow in size and complexity, this system can manage and optimize multiple variables efficiently.

Manual Creative System: 

This system offers advertisers full control over the creative process of their ads. It allows you to manually create and customize your ad creative. 


  • Complete Creative Control: Provides the freedom to craft your ad exactly as you envision it. 
  • Tailored Messaging: Allows for more nuanced and targeted ad creatives that speak directly to a specific audience segment or campaign goal.
  • Flexibility and Experimentation: You can experiment with unique and innovative ad concepts that may not be feasible within the automated system.
  • Direct Response to Market Trends: Enables quick adaptation and customization of ads in response to emerging trends or immediate marketing needs.

Both systems offer advantages, and the choice between them depends on your campaign goals, resources, and desired level of control over the ad creation process. 


To effectively harness the power of Meta advertising, a deep understanding of both its diverse ad formats and creative systems is important. Ensuring you leverage as many core ad formats as possible will provide opportunities to help your performance and give Meta more options to serve your ads. 

 In sum, mastering these elements is key to not just reaching but engaging your audience meaningfully on Meta and driving conversions.

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