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MMS Marketing

A Guide for MMS Marketing

MMS and SMS marketing go hand in hand. For many businesses in the DTC e-commerce space MMS/SMS can account for 5-15% of overall revenue. This blog post dives into the essentials of MMS marketing, and its distinction from SMS. Additionally, how to choose between using MMS or SMS. 

What is MMS Marketing?

The Basics of MMS Marketing

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) marketing is a type of text message advertising that enables businesses to send rich media messages to their customers. Unlike traditional text messages, MMS allows for the inclusion of images, videos, audio files, and up to 1600 characters of text. This format can be appealing to use as it allows for more engaging content through the use of visuals. This can be used in instances such as product launches where highlighting the product is beneficial. 

Advantages of MMS Marketing

The visual and interactive nature of MMS messages offers several advantages:

  • Higher Engagement Rates: Visual content can lead to higher engagement rates compared to plain text.
  • Personalization: MMS and SMS marketing allow for personalized messages, making each communication feel unique to the recipient.
  • Versatility: From product launches to special promotions, MMS can serve various purposes when visuals are needed. 
  • Brand Reinforcement: Rich media content can help reinforce brand identity. While text message marketing typically has very high open rates, you are still fighting for the attention of your customers/subscribers. With visuals you can incorporate aspects of your brand that are easily recognizable so your recipients recognize the sender immediately. 

Understanding the Difference Between MMS and SMS Marketing

Key Differences

While both MMS and SMS are methods of reaching customers directly on their mobile devices, they have distinct features and applications:

  • Content Type: SMS (Short Message Service) is limited to text only, while MMS supports multimedia content.
  • Character Limit: SMS messages have a 160-character limit, whereas MMS messages can include up to 1600 characters of text, along with multimedia content.
  • Engagement Potential: The rich media capability of MMS often leads to higher engagement and interaction from recipients.
  • Cost: MMS messages are significantly more expensive than SMS messages to send. When considering the use of MMS, it is important to assess the cost of doing so and running tests to see if SMS messages convert at a similar rate. If both SMS and MMS messages convert similarly, then it may very well be possible that MMS is not worth using due to the cost associated. A simple way to determine this is to run a split test on a campaign where you send an SMS to 50% of the recipients and a MMS to the other 50%. Try this a handful of times to get more statistically significant data and draw your conclusion. 

Choosing Between MMS and SMS

Selecting the right approach depends on your marketing objectives. SMS may be preferable for simple notifications and reminders, while MMS is suited for campaigns requiring visual engagement, such as showcasing new products or a sale.

Implementing MMS Marketing in Your Strategy

Building Your MMS Marketing Campaign

  • Understand Your Audience: Knowing your audience's preferences and behaviors is crucial for crafting effective messages.
  • Create Compelling Content: Design engaging visuals and concise messages that convey your offer's value. 
  • Optimize for Mobile: Ensure your multimedia content is optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Measure and Analyze: Track the performance of your MMS campaigns to understand what works best and adjust accordingly.

Best Practices for MMS Marketing

  • Consent is Key: Always obtain permission from your customers before sending MMS messages. Ensure they have compliantly opted in, this is a must. 
  • Timing Matters: Consider the timing of your messages to maximize open and engagement rates.
  • Keep it Relevant: Personalize messages based on customer data to increase relevance and effectiveness.

The Future of MMS Marketing in E-commerce

In conclusion, MMS marketing can be an asset for your marketing strategy. We strongly recommend running ample split tests to determine the effectiveness of MMS in comparison to MMS for your brand. Oftentimes, the juice is not worth the squeeze with MMS due to the cost in comparison to SMS. It is incredibly important to assess this to ensure you are maximizing your marketing efficiency.

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